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We proudly support the election of David Gaw for Thurston County Commissioner, District 1 and hope you do too!

Elected Officials


Community Members and Leaders


Beth Sutch

Jeff Booth

Cathi Greenwood

Ash Mansukhani

Elise Robinson

Bev Bassett

Phyllis Booth

Lori Pruess

Stewart Henderson

Julierose Shepherd

Lynnda Brown

Vince Nguyen

MuMu Hlaing

Molly Sullivan

Damian Magista

Alex Tran

Matthew Bell

Chad Olsen

James Charette

John Sainsbury

Rob Penney

Keith and Susan Klovee-Smith

Chris Friedly

Clara Ragsdale

Ron Horstman

Doug Swier

Andy Cherullo and Wendy Owens

Scott Wolf

David Tradewell

Alan Lundeen

Paul Driesbach

John MacLean

Clara Scott

Robert Arnsdorf

Teresa Myers

John Klimek

Walker Yost


Statements of Support

"The office of County Commissioner requires a person with multi-faceted talents and depth of experience. I believe that David Gaw has that excellent experience relevant to this position. We need his level of demonstrated leadership for our county." -Mary Eldridge (widow to the late and former Thurston County Commissioner Les Eldridge)


"I have known David for over a decade, mostly as a coworker at the WSU Energy Program. He is well trained as a project manager, having solid organizationcommunication, and leadership skills. I have also attended a number of local and regional events with him and found him to be one of the best I know in networking and thinking strategically to explore partnerships and effective paths forward. I don't doubt that he would be a successful Thurston County Commissioner, utilizing these skills along with his great energy and passion and a grounding of community, business, and environmental values I share." -Rob Penney


"Building a better Olympia." -Vince Nguyen


"David Gaw is not afraid to take on the tough issues facing our community." -Matthew Bell

Citizens for David Gaw
PO Box #6211
Olympia, WA 98507
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