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Public Health and Safety

As we go through the challenges of this global COVID-19 pandemic, I hope to expand and enhance our community’s ability to be resilient in times of crisis. Professionally, I have supported many changes relative to federal/state policy and energy efficiency and renewable energy. Much of these changes can be emulated at the county level and, if supported and implemented effectively, can aid and address climate change, homelessness, emergency preparedness and community security. Our county must work to improve equal justice, equal treatment under the law, and equal access to programs and resources. Community security comes with access to resources and programs, in addition to the equal treatment of its most vulnerable members.


I have several years of strategic planning experience and wish to incorporate your insights and ideas for collaborative solutions that can get us to a place of leading our community in quality public health and safety actions and policies.

As your Commissioner, I hope to inform and encourage the community about the collaborative opportunities that can make us a successful and resilient county under any situation.

Citizens for David Gaw
PO Box #6211
Olympia, WA 98507
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