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Please click on each topic to read more about how I plan to unite our community to tackle the challenges we face, while serving the people of Thurston County...


With the current challenges caused by this global pandemic (COVID-19), our lives are changing daily. As this pandemic continues for the foreseeable future, we have an opportunity to also learn and gather information from this experience. I also want to see us develop solutions collaboratively. As we go through this together, I want your input. (Read More)

The Environment and Sustainable Growth

Our county must have a stronger commitment to addressing climate change and creating a preparedness and response plan for the current climate crisis. Our rural communities need a voice and a county commission that is receptive to the struggles they are facing. Most importantly, we need to be working with city and state governments to have a sustainable county growth plan, that takes into account the protection of our green spaces, clean air, and clean water. (Read More)

Public Health and Safety

We need county resources and services to support and guide transitioning community members more effectively. We need honest actions to improve our community's resiliency in the face of public health and public safety challenges. We need a system with equal justice, equal treatment under the law, and equal access to programs and resources. (Read More)

Affordable Housing

We need more affordable and accessible housing for our working families, houseless population, and low-income community members. Our county needs green buildings, sustainable growth and streamlined and incentivized processes for our labor/trades communities to help make this happen safely and efficiently. (Read More)

Operational Efficiency

County programs and services need more streamlined methods and systems to improve customer interactions. When our citizens are guided to county resources in a compassionate and efficient manner, our county is minimizing its barriers to accessibility and equity, while increasing the value of programs and services that help identify opportunities for change and improvement. (Read More)

Serving Our Community

I have been honored to serve our community in various roles and capacities. Each of my experiences and involvements in local and state organizations has fostered the desire to create more unity in our county. (Read More)

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